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Become a Member

Founded in 1891, the YWCA Great Lakes Bay Region takes great pride in the delivery of our mission for over 119 years!  Times have changed and the needs of women have changed dramatically over the years.  Women have made new bold decisions to enter the workforce requiring the need to balance family and work. 

Some women are still trying to find their niche and facing multiple obstacles along the way. Regardless, women are making choices, voicing their opinions and taking their place in many leadership roles across the workplace, within their homes and throughout the community. As women are faced with both desire and pressure to juggle work, family, community and self-care, this new era is facing many challenges. This is where the YWCA Great Lakes Bay Region comes in.

Women across all income levels join the YWCA because they share a singular aspiration – a desire to balance work and family life while continuing to grow as women and give back to their community. It is a belief in the power of a community that cares that enables YWCA members to work together to face life’s challenges and find their success. 

Membership to the YWCA means…

• You stand in commitment to make the Great Lakes Bay Region a better place.

• You belong to a group where you may explore your personal and professional interests.

• You can depend on a continual circle of sisters to support and encourage you in your endeavors.

• You can participate in programs and services that offer learning experiences and resources.

• You can engage in community service, mentoring and networking that enables members to build relationships as the foundation for effective leadership.

Becoming a Member

It is easy to become a member. Just click on the link below, you can either print out the form and send it in or use the submit button on the form and send it by email. 

Becoming a member also provides the added benefit of mailings and e-vites to all YWCA events and activities, giving you the opportunity to hone your leadership skills with participation in YWCA committees and task forces, receive newsletters and Annual Reports. 

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